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About our Business Philosophy at MVE Consulting


MVE Consulting Engineers is a multi-disciplinary consulting engineering firm committed to providing professional services to clients with a focus on maximizing client satisfaction. MVE believes in providing sustainable and excellent engineering service solutions to enhance the quality of life for all South Africans. MVE Consulting Engineers is committed to structuring the future of South Africa.

MVE  is an integrated group of highly trained engineers, and project managers providing cost effective solutions and specialist engineering services in a wide range of disciplines. Our multi-disciplinary management approach allows for the development of projects in a holistic way, as we believe this to be the best environment to fully meet the needs of our clients.



These core values constitute the foundation of MVEís organizational strategies and human resource policies:

Creativity: by encouraging innovation and measured risk taking with a view to providing innovative solutions to our clients.
Empowerment: of all staff at all levels by encouraging participation in the activities of the organization and by the continuous and appropriate development and dissemination of personal and organizational skills.
Customer Orientation: acknowledging that we are all each otherís customers. Continually improve customer satisfaction through the execution and control of project activities. Continuously seeking feedback from our clients on the quality of services rendered to determine the levels of satisfaction.


Through our innovation and growth, we will be a powerful source of endless possibilities.


To provide a full range of high quality, innovative, appropriate, cost effective and sustainable engineering solutions that satisfy the needs of the clients and communities they serve.



The Senior Management is led by Manyuma Takalani Alex in his capacity as Managing Director of the firm. Takalani is a civil engineering technologist armed with a B-TECH Degree (Civil Engineering), a post graduate Diploma in Engineering (Civil Engineering) from University of Witwatersrand and 16 years of practical experience in the delivery of various infrastructures. He is responsible for implementing the firmís strategy and as well the overall operations of the company. Takalani has extensive experience in the design, investigation, construction management and contract administration of various projects. He is highly skilled in various engineering-so ware packages and has the ability to transform conceptual design into a final product ready for implementation phase.


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